Kate Carraway

I’m Kate. I'm a short, blonde, Type A, ENFJ ambivert Capricorn with Pisces moon and Aries rising. I live in Toronto with my husband Simon and my puppy, Jem. I write about life and lifestyle, especially wellness, feelings and emotions, relationships, identity, the self, and anything else that's everything.

I’ve written for GQ, VICE, the Guardian, Jezebel, Grantland, Refinery29, Nasty Gal, LA Weekly, OC Weekly, SF Weekly, the Globe and Mail, the National Post, FLARE, Fashion, ELLE Canada, EYE Weekly, The Grid, and many (many) other publications. I wrote the "Girl News," "Obseshes" and "Li'l Thinks" columns for VICE; "My Life, My Fault" for EYE Weekly; "Thirtyish," "Dating Diaries" and "The Hook-Up" for The Grid ("Dating Diaries" now appears in the Toronto Star); "The Jungle" for The Globe and Mail; "1+1" for the National Post; and "Love, Kate" for FLARE.

I write the "Love, Etc." relationships column for the Toronto Star. It runs in print and online (and on this site) every Tuesday.

I also write three weekly newsletters:

"The Feeling" is about wellness, happiness, feelings/emotions, health, healing, pleasure, self-help, self-care, mindfulness, and spirituality. Sign up here.

"Love and Work" is about me and my life, as well as love, sex, relationships, friendship, family, community, home, work, ambition, money, in mostly diary form. Sign up by emailing me at kate@katecarraway.com with "Love and Work" in the subject line.

"Dreamy" is about girl culture, pop culture, celebrity, media, online culture, goss, beauty, fashion, style and design. This one is more of a sticker book. Sign up by emailing me at kate@katecarraway.com with "Dreamy" in the subject line.

Contact me at kate@katecarraway.com.