Love is Blind


"Here is my feeling: a date orchestrated by someone else, a human person who has some understanding of other human people, works better. (Or, not even a date-date, but more potently sometimes, a seedling of an idea of something that could be, the kind of idea that is steamed up by hot stardusty sex-resin that you have to wipe away with a sleeve, the kind of magique that we can still believe in as grownies because once in a while it comes the fuck true.) I've set a million people up and I'm good at it. Sometimes I'm better at it than the careful-est online thing with the most potential, because the contortions of an online profile are, yeaaah, a kind of perfectable science, but so rarely get at the kinds of things (darknesses and vulnerabilities and true needs: the good stuff) that matter more than, say, 'I like bike rides!' Like: who doesn't like bike rides. Come now."

From the "Love is Blind" edition of my newsletter, The Feeling, sent out on June 5 2015. Subscribe here.

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Pic from my own Instagram. "Left this little sparkle heart on the floor of the spa dressing room after it fell off my sweater hours after I opened a birthday card full of them from my sparkle-heart husband."

Kate Carraway