My mascara-feelings are in this piece about makeup as power, rebellion, control, in FASHION magazine.

I've appeared on CBC's The Current to talk about break-ups, birth control, dating culture, and Lena Dunham, CBC's Definitely Not the Opera to talk about online dating, and CBC's Metro Morning to talk about blind dates. I’ve done a lot of radio but it’s weirdly hard to find and link to it? Maybe that’s fine, though?

The Atlantic put me in their “Media Diet” column which was really satisfying. I really did buy and read all of those magazines, but definitely nobody believed me. (Call my dad! He'll tell you.) I got a job once just telling the editor what publications I read, like, she interrupted me to tell me I got it. Then The New Republic interviewed me for a piece about media diets. My media diet now would be, like, "Instagram; some thick slice of the canon I read before bed; Architectural Digest; end of list."

There is just one quote from me in this Columbia Daily Spectator piece but it’s a good one, something like "I don’t know why the women at VICE are being compared to other women at VICE." And in this profile in the Ryerson Review of Journalism, I talk about how high I was when I realized I wanted to be a journalist, which I regret, but of course I did the interview when I still smoked pot.

Here’s a Q&A I did about work  and... another Q&A I did about work. I did a lot of this kind of thing when I was a baby/Staff and then Senior Writer at EYE Weekly and The Grid, but I like these two because I still agree with a lot of what I said then, which for me is kind of unlikely.