My mascara-feelings are in this piece about makeup as power, rebellion, control, in FASHION magazine.

I've appeared on CBC's The Current to talk about break-ups, birth control, dating culture, and Lena Dunham, CBC's Definitely Not the Opera to talk about online dating, and CBC's Metro Morning to talk about blind dates.

The Atlantic put me in their “Media Diet” column which was really satisfying because at the time I was huffing print magazines. I really did buy and read all of those magazines, but definitely nobody believed me. (Call my dad! He'll tell you.) I got a coveted job once just telling the editor what publications I read, like, she interrupted me to tell me I got it. Then The New Republic interviewed me for a piece about media diets. My media diet now would be, like, "Instagram; some thick slice of the canon I read before bed; every buzzy non-fiction title I can get my paws on before it's published; Architectural Digest; end of list."

There is just one quote from me in this Columbia Daily Spectator piece but it’s a good one, something like "I don’t know why the women at VICE are being compared to other women at VICE."

Here’s a Q&A I did about work  and... another Q&A I did about work. I did a lot of this kind of thing when I was at EYE Weekly and The Grid, but I like these two because I still agree with a lot of what I said then, which for me is kind of unlikely.