Selected Press

I talked to Metro Morning about blind dates, and the vast number of people I set up. I like how I take actual credit for this as though I did anything other than have attractive friends.

I was on CBC Radio’s “The Current” to talk about “breaking up in the digital age”

Here’s me on CBC Radio’s DNTO, talking about online dating profiles. (Note: I don’t do online dating but for one of my columns strangers send me profiles about themselves eeeeevery day!)

The Atlantic put me in their “Media Diet” column which was really satisfying.

The New Republic interviewed me for a piece about media diets. Ha.

CBC’s The Current had me back to talk about the pill.

I was on CBC Radio talking about a story I wrote for The Globe and Mail.

I talk about the “Dating Diaries” column in this Ryerson Review of Journalism article.

I went on CBC’s The Current to talk about how dating culture has been changed by technology.

There is just one quote from me in this Columbia Daily Spectator piece (Sept. 20 2012) but it’s a good one, something like "I don’t know why the women at VICE are being compared to other women at VICE."

Here’s me being really conservative about tech and dating for I was involved with the same person, on and off, for four years and we were never Facebook friends; highly rec'd

I’m quoted a very little bit in this long piece about The Grid in the Ryerson Review of Journalism (Dec. 28 2011.)

This is a Q&A that Burner magazine did with me on occasion of their music issue. Well, you can’t link directly to it, so “flip” through about halfway until you see my historical bangs.

Here’s a Q&A I did for “On the Fourth Floor,” which is a feature on the rock-it promotions blog. It’s very long and mostly about my feelings.

Here’s another Q&A I did about school that was also for She Does the City. It is not that long! Success!