"Why don't we make some new emotions" - Alice Notley

Wrote about how “wellness” used to be part of the self-help paradigm, but is now part of the self-care paradigm, for the New York Times. (It’s more fun than that little description I just did, though.)

Wrote about Recess, a sparkling water infused with CBD, and marketing wellness to Millennials, for the New York Times.

For my “Feel It” self-help column at VICE, I wrote about how phones are trash (or, you know, screens more generally.) And, how to create and maintain boundaries (but fun!); and also how to deal with stress, and also time, and how to spend it; plus plus plus how and why to make use of “ritual” in a self-help routine. There are more “Feel It”s over on the relationships tabby-thing, take a look.

Wrote about meditation and how it made me less of a classic mean girl, for FASHION magazine.

I wrote about self-care, soon after the phrase floated from nurses and therapists down to the rest of us, for FLARE magazine. "What I like the most about the idea is that it isn’t code for what I think of as the fallacy of balance, which makes women feel that happiness would totally be available if they just got better at updating iCal, and maybe lit a candle. Sometimes, focusing on what truly makes you happy—and, as a result, letting other aspects of your life slide, or fall away—is the only solution."

I've written, oh, endless articles, columns, tweets, texts about crying, this one for the Globe and Mail.

This piece by Heather Havrilesky is what I’d put on the syllabus if I were teaching a class on my own feelings. And this, by Mary H.K. Choi, is one of my favorite-ever pieces about my least-favorite thing (drugs), and most-favorite themes (identity, desire, happiness, fulfillment).